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Stormzy’s Fondness for Monopoly

Stormzy, a London rapper, is such a big fan of the board game Monopoly that he was given not one, but two individualised copies of the game. He was given his own customised version of the Monopoly Deal card game near the end of the previous year. He has not been shy about admitting that he is a huge fan of the game, and it is not uncommon for him to vent on social media about other people’s inability to play the game properly. Stormzy has stated that he enjoys playing the game for what it is: pure entertainment.


The Monopoly Deal card game created for him was a customised version that paid homage to his musical career in a variety of subtle ways. It’s presented in a black box with gold lettering, which exudes #Merky style. The names of the cards have been altered slightly. The “Just Say No” card has been replaced with “Shut Up,” and the “Debt Collector” card has been renamed “Bailiff One” in this deck. The “Forced Deal” card has been replaced by the “Big For Your Boots” card because there is no more room in this game for it.


Idris Elba was asked if he had any hidden talents that would surprise his fans in a piece that appeared in the Guardian in 2019. Stormzy responded by saying he was good at poker. He describes himself as an avid gamer who enjoys games such as poker, Monopoly, Scrabble, and Connect 4, among others. He claims to be an extremely skilled Texas Hold ’em player and to have a poker room in his home. He could easily be found playing a slots version of Monopoly on the Megaways slots UK online casino site. You can make this assumption based on the fact that he is a man who enjoys having a flutter and playing games. He has stated on numerous occasions that if he wasn’t a musician, he would be a professional poker player.


Hasbro, the company that makes the board game Monopoly, surprised him with a special, one-of-a-kind edition of the product a few years ago. Stormzy appeared on each of the property squares, and the chance and community chest cards both had a personalised twist. He shared his excitement about the game on his Instagram story because he was so ecstatic. He couldn’t take his eyes off the card that said “Jay Z rates you” and “Enzo Bit You.” There was also a card congratulating the recipient on winning a MOBO award, and another card simply said, “Shut Up.” There is even a card that says “Coutts Bank error in your favor” and entitles the holder to a payout from the bank. Even the “Go to Jail” square on the board has been changed to read “You’re Done Out Here, Go To Jail.” The classic “Advance to Go” card now includes the message “You are headlining Glastonbury.”


The traditional silver-colored playing pieces of car, iron, cat, ship, hat, thimble, and boot appear as gold pieces in the form of a hashtag, watch, phone, penguin, trainer, gramophone, and sportscar in #Merky Monopoly. The traditional silver-colored playing pieces of car, iron, cat, ship, hat, thimble, and boot are replaced by these pieces. The dog is the only piece used in both versions of the game; however, the dog in the Merky variant is, of course, made of gold.

When Hasbro discovered that Stormzy was a huge fan of the board game Monopoly, they couldn’t think of a better way to commemorate the many highlights of Stormzy’s career than to create a version of the game with a #Merky twist on it. That twist involved a black box with gold lettering on it.


Stormzy, in typical Stormzy fashion, outperforms those who came before him by going one step further. During his 2018 tour, Drake was given a customised version of the Monopoly board game while performing at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. It was a special edition of the North Side newspaper devoted to him and honoured his career accomplishments. Furthermore, it emphasised members of his inner circle who were instrumental in his accomplishments and success. Unlike Stormzy, however, he has not been honoured with a customised version of the card game version of Monopoly Deal, which is known for its fast pace and addictive nature.


Stormzy is set to return to the road after having his shows cancelled for the past two years. The dates for his “Heavy Is The Head” world tour were supposed to start in September 2020, but they have since been pushed back twice. According to him, it has been determined that the gigs will begin in April 2022.